We provide a comprehensive range of services from conceptual design and installation to construction. planning.
Once we have evaluated your needs, we can discuss your system requirements and establish your design criteria.

Professional Design
We can work with you to develop a system design and specification for your facility. Our systems engineers have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs from basic design to complex engineered turnkey solutions.

In-Shop Fabrication
We design and custom build parts that are unique to your installation situation.

Professional Installation
Our staff of experienced technicians can turn your design into reality. We’ve done custom sound installations for Coliseums, Churches, Schools, Race Tracks, Auction Barns, Public Meeting Areas, and Dance Clubs.  Give us a call, we’d love to help you plan and complete your project.

Professional Service
We can provide assistance in resolving your system problems; we can provide preventative maintenance and support to keep your system operational.

Acoustics and acoustic treatments
Hart Pro Audio uses computer modeling programs to help with our acoustical analysis. This is a powerful aide when installing acoustic panels for sound control.

Rental system
Our rental systems have been contracted for events with national and world wide acclaim, and features top quality audio equipment.

Hart Pro Audio has provided the production capabilities for a wide variety of events. We've covered everything from national televised events to corporate and theater events.  Our professional staff can coordinate all of your audio,  video, staging, set design, and skilled labor needs.

Hart Pro Audio stocks a wide variety for high quality equipment for your audio needs.  We will special order any equipment.