The Sparta School District has been completely satisfied with the quality of Dan Hart's work, professionalism in dealing with projects, and his prompt response to any follow-ups or questions related to the job. Through Mr. Hart's efforts we have enhanced sound systems in our auditorium, both high school gyms, our track, football, baseball and soccer fields and numerous improvements in wiring and microphone use. Dan is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field, very personable and easy to deal with, and always accessible which makes working with him very productive.

Mike Montgomery, Activities Director, Sparta School District (Sparta, WI)
Having announced at facilities all over North America I have been extremely happy to be able to work with a sound man of Dan's caliber. Dan has done an amazing job of bringing the quality of the PA systems up to par at a 525 acre facility and then tackled the equally intense job of keeping it all going. Dan Hart is professional, highly motivated, very skilled, versatile, uses the best equipment available, and does a great job under pressure.

Bob Applegate, Professional Motorsports Announcer (Arden, NC)
It was a pleasure to return to Road America to cover this year's round of the PPG Indy Car World Series. Dan Hart went above and beyond the call of duty. When we found out that TELCO had not labeled our turn wire, he went out to the site with the announcer, with equipment that identified the wire and got us a working turn position, which is EXTREMELY important on a four-mile course. He also took the time to construct a wooden monitor stand to enable us to use the limited space in the booth most efficiently. Dan represents al the best for Road America.

Tom Michaels, K-mart Indy Car Radio Network (Dayton, OH)
Dan...I wanted to thank you on behalf of the RSCVA (Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority) for the outstanding job you did helping make this inaugural event a resounding success. You came in with nothing but a drawing to work from, installed the PA system on time and provided flawless sound for the entire event weekend. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the closed circuit TV work you did as well. Though there were numerous challenges thrown your way over the course of the installation, every TV on the circuit was working when  they needed to be during the event. I don't think very many people even knew how much work you put into getting these things up and running on time, but I did. Again, thanks for your help.

John A. McQueen, Sports Marketing Manager, Reno Grand Prix (Reno, NV)
We called three different churches for references. They all concurred that Dan has a broad understanding of sound systems. Having great credentials his installation was timely and accurate. Our new sound system, installed by Dan Hart produces crisp, clear sound allowing us all to better hear God's Word. We would highly recommend Dan Hart to anyone.

Gary Simenson & Tammy Dickinson, Bethel Lutheran Church (LaCrosse, WI)
Dan Hart, you made everything sound great without me ever having to think twice about it. The value of how efficiently you are able to install and remove everything needed for a first class P.A. and closed-circuit television system is immeasurable. Your hard work and dedication helped the event run smoothly. Thank you again for the excellent work.

Garret Mudd, Sprint PCS Grand Prix of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
With an attendance of nearly 250,000 people, good sound is very important. Daniel Hart provides the sound systems and communications for the Wisconsin Valley Fair. Dan is a very kind, caring and thoughtful person to work with. We have been very satisfied with Dan's workmanship and found him to always be available whenever we needed him during the hectic week of the Fair. I would recommend Dan Hart to anyone who is in need of a good sound system.

Patricia Koeller, Secretary, Wisconsin Valley Fair (Wausau, WI)